chai, cuppow & chairs

This is something I've been making for several months now, and I can't even tell you how much I enjoy it. It is so simple, so delicious, and so quick - and it improves my day by about 21%. The original recipe is here; I've significantly altered the amounts and omitted the sugar, so you might prefer to start with the original, which is a bit sweeter and a bit less spiced. I prefer it super-spiced and find that the sweetness from the milk is enough. Perhaps my favourite thing about it is the speed at which I can get my tea out the door and in the car with me in the morning. Just brew my jar of tea (more on that below), stir in a blob, and off I go. (Well, that part is kind of in theory - I have to get Phillip out of the door with me, too. And that can be challenging, some days.)

Chai Concentrate
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1-2 tsp ground cardamom
A sprinkle of ground cloves, if you like

Stir together well (unlike I did in the picture - you can tell I was hurrying to  get a picture taken) and store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. Add 1-2 tbsp to a mug of black tea, and enjoy!
 Now. On to my other, related, new-favourite thing.
I've seen the Cuppow (say it out loud!) out and about on the internets for a little while now, but didn't realize how much I needed one. When we were in New Brunswick over March Break, I saw them at The Feel Good Store and snatched a couple up (I hope you're enjoying yours, Jen)! I had been using an open-topped ceramic travel mug for my morning matcha in the car (I do the chai thing, above, at lunch) which was okay, but it didn't fit my cupholder well and it was work to avoid spills. I also don't like drinking tea from metal thermal mugs (fussy, I know.) With the Cuppow, you screw the band over it on a wide-mouth jar (I wonder if they'll make the regular sized ones?) and proceed with your tea. It is shaped perfectly, functions beautifully, and is BPA-free. I also love it for drinking water, as there's no need to unscrew and screw in a lid (like on my Siggs) which can be a bit tricky when driving. I drive a lot for work, from school to school and to home visits all over my end of the province, so this is kind of big deal. The only tricky thing left about drinking tea from a jar is the heat. But I have a hunch (because she told me) that someone has knit me a cozy for my birthday on Friday! Yipee!
And lastly, I am so excited about these chairs. Our dining room chairs had gotten to the point of literally being dangerous. I rested my foot on one of the dowel-like things on one of them, and it snapped off. They were wobbly, rickety, and not terribly comfortable. We'd like to have them refinished, since they go with our table and are beautiful, but we haven't been able to find anyone to do that, and since we have potlucks regularly and don't have enough chairs, we thought it would be a lovely idea to buy six matching chairs and have extras when we do get the others done. Here's the best part: I had my eye on these ones awhile ago, since they were only $40 each, which is really reasonable. I went to pick up some last-minute birthday supplies for the cake on Friday, and there they were, 50% off, and there was a tax-free sale. So I got the six chairs for under $120. Bonus: they're much easier too sweep and vacuum under, too.

So now you need to come over, and we'll sit on them and have chai tea!


  1. love my cuppow with a knitted cozy - perfect for coffee drinking on the go. thanks for the chai recipe...will definitely give it a try!

  2. Amanda, the day after I asked her to knit one, I saw your recent post with the picture of yours! :) Enjoy the chai - it's delicious.

  3. Ohhh cool! I love Chai and we drink out of our mason jars at home so I will have to check out the cuppow's :)

    1. Thanks, Allison! In case you can't tell, I *really* love mine. :)

  4. That cuppow is so fantastic! I need one of those. And the chai concentrate is a great idea too. Will try!

    Have a happy birthday on Friday! I know two other people who's birthday is the 30th and my husband's is tomorrow!

  5. Thanks, Kendra, and a happy birthday to your husband! :)

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  7. What a fantastic idea for a jar! And I love the recipe, so quick and easy!

  8. Just made a batch of this chai concentrate today and I have to say its fabulous! I added a vanilla bean to mine...absolutely wonderful!

  9. Yay! I'm so glad that you like it, and the vanilla is a great idea. :)

  10. Finally, I made this, and it is delicious! Will definitely become a winter staple item.

  11. Thanks for the great recipe! We just shared it on our facebook - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=355481254586567&set=a.152656328202395.32646.135649023236459&type=1&theater


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