Some sweet little hands picked these for me.

On a completely related note, I read this post today, and loved it. It fit perfectly with my day.

We have another house showing tomorrow. I generally get grumblier in the hours leading up to it, and then there's a great sense of relief when things are tidy but don't need to remain perfectly so. It's at an awkward time in the afternoon tomorrow and both boys will be home all day, so please cross your fingers that a) we're able to get the house showable on time, and b) that these people will buy it!

We took T to the dermatologist today. I don't think I've written about it here, but he's had some skin issues and a very strange spot on his cheek for awhile which nothing has seemed to work for, including a variety of recommendations from three other doctors. Turns out that it's nummular eczema, according to the dermatologist. We have it pretty much under control on the rest of his body, thanks to Spectro Kids Eczema Care wash and lotion. If we could avoid bathing him every day, that would probably help. But if you've ever seen an almost-two-year-old eat, you probably know that they need a daily bath. Thomas does, anyway. I'm kind of disappointed that my soap and olive oil lotion don't seem to hold the moisture in like it needs. But you know what? We found something that works, and it's fine. He should grow out of it, and we'll get back to my wonderful soap. We have a very mild prescription cream that should clear up that last spot on his sweet little cheek. I am so thankful that he's otherwise healthy and happy.

May your skin be happy, and may you be enjoying this AMAZING weather.

*Edited to add: Absolutely no one has paid me anything for this post, just to be clear. Re-reading it, it kind of sounds like a sneaky ad. It's not, I promise.*


  1. I can't imagine your house being anything but neat and spotless. :) I'll cross my fingers that these people will love your house and want to buy it right away!

    Son1 used to have an eczema spot on his cheek a lot too. I think Eucerin actually helped him and now he's the teen with nearly perfect skin and son2, who used to have perfect skin as a baby, is the teen who needed a year of dermatological care. Go figure.

  2. Thanks for the link! I'm glad you liked my post, and to have found the lovely blog of a fellow Canuck :)


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