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Shelves sparsely stacked with soap, as seen through our gorgeous front door; this was taken before I added several batches this week. Let me know if you'd like a custom order. I have quite a few varieties on hand, and am having fun with wrapping them up. I've been thinking for ages about how to change up my packaging, and I have a few ideas to try, too!

In other news:
Phillip has another ear infection. Do any of you have any information about garlic mullein ear oil? I just ordered some thanks to Teresa's recommendation and am interested to learn more. Funnily enough, I saw a tutorial on how to make it about 3 days ago, not knowing that P had an infection brewing, and called our natural foods store to see if they had any small dropper bottles in stock. They didn't, so I didn't make any. I would like to try it as a first step, before it gets to the point it was at all night last night (with P wailing and sobbing 'Ooooooouuuuuuccccchhhhhhh!' over, and over, and over, and probably being in the most pain he's been in in his life. It was pitiful).

I'm going to wake him up to have a bite to eat and so he will hopefully go to bed at his usual time and have a good night's rest. He's snoring away up there.

We are in the midst of a proper winter storm, finally! 30 cm of snow should be enough to cancel school tomorrow and give me a quiet day at home with my boys. It's beautiful, and makes the light in the kitchen fantastic.

Don't forget to comment on my last post! You could win a couple of bars of my wonderful soap.

Happy Thursday; I hope yours remains infection-free. Oh, and cross your fingers for a snow day tomorrow!

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