the cake

Thomas called it a dog when he saw it, so I'm happy. The strange licorice halo was supposed to somehow delineate his ears, but it looks more like a headband. And he also looks more confused and cross-eyed than the happy and relaxed dog I imagined, but he's a dog nonetheless. And a delicious one, at that. Made with over TWO POUNDS of butter.

In case the sound of arteries clogging appeals to you, I used Martha's White Cake recipe and her Basic Buttercream icing (with a bit of cocoa added for the brown part.) I'm sure there will be a birthday boy post coming up soon.

(PS - His cheek is looking much better already - I think it will be cleared up soon!)


  1. Awesome job Sherrie. I love it. And yes, it sure looks delicious. I love buttercream frosting.

  2. Wow!! That is one cute cake. Too pretty to eat, but I'm sure it was delicious nontheless :))


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