march 2

What's better than branches? More branches! These ones were pruned from our quince last weekend, and are about to burst open. The daffodils were forced, of course.

I haven't moved the birch branches yet. Actually, I think I will right now.

There. Done. Out with the old, and all of that.

We do have a snow day here, thanks to a pile of snow that fell overnight. Phillip's feeling much better today and has been up and around (he's laying down now) and Thomas is napping while Adam shovels the driveway.

A few things I've come across recently:
I just borrowed this book from the library about Tasha Tudor. I love it. I looked her up on Wikipedia after I finished reading it, and it turns out (if Wikipedia is correct) that she was divorced twice and disinherited three of her children. As much as I love her lifestyle and all of the beauty in it (oh, the beeswax candle making outdoors looks so great!), it makes me a little bit sad that that is how those relationships turned out. Obviously, I don't know anything about the circumstances; that's just what I thought.

Oh, and speaking of children...

I put out the word that I was looking for a typewriter for one of my students to work on some fine motor skills. A custodian at my former high school came up with this electric one that the boys have been playing with. It has no ribbon and several keys don't work, so it won't stay around for long, but Phillip has been enjoying it. I also bought an old portable manual one (just like this one) in excellent condition that I'm waiting for a ribbon for. I didn't realize how hard the keys are to strike - I don't know if my student will have much success with it. But since I bought it myself, I'll get to play with it! More pictures once the ribbon arrives. I took these ones last week, when P was himself.

I also borrowed this book, and am loving it, too. It's so detailed and matter-of-fact in how the Nearings built and set up their farm, and they were certainly sure of their convictions. I'm reading about the building of their stone house right now. Fascinating.

I am in love with this simple kitchen.

Aren't these eggs beautiful?

I hope that you make a point to find something beautiful to appreciate around you today.


  1. That reminds me that my dad used to fix typewriters - he still has my old manual model in his house. I should bring it home with me and sell it as an antique. ;)

    I always drool over how gorgeous your home is...

  2. I do love the branches in the jug, beautiful! How cute are your boys with their typewriter? I've passed many lovely typewriters in thrift stores but always restrain myself, because I know I wouldn't use it. Still, I love looking at them :)

  3. I've loved and collected the Nearings' books for years. They were ahead of their time, though they fit the "back to the land" culture of the 60s and 70s - when we all wanted to go live in the woods and build a cabin. Much to be learned from them. Their legacy lives on at http://www.goodlife.org/

  4. I love all these pictures! What do you have in the jars on the shelves. I have a corner like this and I think I need to remake it.

  5. Teresa, you totally should. :)

    Kristina, thanks! I know what you mean - it would be easy to be buried in non-functional typewriters if you weren't a picky thrifter. :)

    Thanks for the info, Margaret! Sadly, I had to return the book to the library without getting through very much. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a copy at Frenchy's. :)

    Thanks, Jane! I have my herbs that I use for soapmaking in the jars - lavender, poppyseeds, orange peel powder, etc. Have fun with your corner! :)


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