maple syrup - the reveal!

Do you remember last month when I posted about the beautiful sight that is maple trees just as the seasons are changing into spring? And I mentioned that I gave my Dad a few taps for his woodlot? He was totally into it, and has made about a cup of syrup so far. (I had nothing to do with it - he just took right over.)

The funny thing about my Dad (well, one of them) is that he grows cucumbers, just because he can. He doesn't like cucumbers. He's making maple syrup, even though he doesn't like maple syrup, just because he can. I know. Who on earth doesn't like maple syrup? The upside to the cucumbers and the maple syrup is that they end up at my house. (He also brings me things like lobsters and trout.)

This maple syrup is delicious - it definitely tastes different than others that we've had; it's darker, but kind of tastes lighter, if that makes sense. Adam thinks it's because Dad used empty Pepsi bottles (plausible). I like to think that the syrup is tastier the closer the trees are to the ocean.
And with some perfect fluffy pancakes, it's even better.

Lastly - a very very happy second birthday to my goofy, sweet, and wonderful Thomas! Adam took all of the pictures of our celebrations this weekend, so I need to wait for him to get them sorted out and then I'll ask if I can share some. I think he'll agree. Have a great week!

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  1. Oh yum! Maple syrup is one of the things I miss most about Canada...wish we had it here. I think we have the wrong kind of maples in Germany.
    Btw, I totally get your dad...sometimes being able to do or make something is so much fun that the end result isn't all that important. Though I do only plant stuff I actually like :)


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