birthday boy

Here he is - Thomas the two-year-old with supper on his shirt! We had a lovely quiet supper with my parents to celebrate.

Thomas talks a LOT. As in, nonstop. He repeats everything, and uses complete sentences regularly. "I have some more more cake, please!" "Mama, pick!" is a common one of his little expressions, and means that he wants to be picked up.

When he blows his nose, or, like tonight, when I say "There's something in your nose. Let me get it out," he says "Junebugs! Blow out junebugs!" None of us know where this came from. Also, any piece of dust, fuzz, crumb, or lint is pointed at and declared a junebug. 

"Cake!" "Cookie!" "Chip!" and "Watch TV!" are his preferred vices (the latter two he only gets to do at my parents' house) and he will repeatedly yell the word until he gets a satisfactory response. (A detailed explanation of why he can't have cake at every meal and snacktimes often suffices.)

He sings lullabies. "Lulla-BYE! Go to SEEP!" as he's tucking in inanimate objects, sometimes food leftovers on his tray, usually with his napkin after a meal. Speaking of singing, he LOVES it. ("Moosic. Song! Pay moosic song!") and he's quite a dancer. He loves to grab Phillip around the waist from behind and hold on as long as he can keep up. "Phil-UP!" is often the first word we hear in the morning, and he loves his brother.  If Phillip is upset in any way, Thomas is very concerned. "You okay, Phil-UP? You okay, Phil-UP?" He also loves to tell him what to do. "Phil-UP. Hop on seat. Eat bek-fast."

He's giggly. He loves raspberries on his belly and tickly neck kisses, especially from Adam's beard. He asks Phillip to tickle his feet. "Phil-UP. Take off socks. Tickle feet." He lays on the floor, puts his arms up and waits to be tickled. He loves to show things to people and is genuinely in love with the world. "Oh, look! Oh, look!"

I know that I keep saying how goofy and what a ham he is, and of course it's difficult to convey that in pictures and words. So today is your lucky day - Adam took a video of T receiving his piece of birthday cake. Unfortunately, you may have trouble with the audio, but you'll get the idea - just wait for the faces he makes at the end. Happy birthday, Mr. T!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for the photo and video!


  1. Mr. T is such a cutie pie. And he sure can handle a fork. I know some 2 year olds that are still mastering the eating with a fork/spoon thing.

  2. Carol S-B3/28/2012

    What a dear little man. Vickie, I agree: he is amazing with that fork!
    Love the faces. He loves his cake!
    -Carol S-B

  3. How sweet Sherrie, he's adorable!


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