date rolls

Remember those dates that my mother-in-law brought for me? Well, here's the first thing I made with them. E-a-s-y p-e-a-s-y.
Toss about 2 cups of dates into your food processor until they're kind of chopped up and start to come together in one sticky blob. Plop them into a bowl and knead in a cup of unsweetened coconut. Roll into balls, wrap in waxed paper, and they're ready to toss into someone's lunch box.
I like these because a) they're delicious and healthy, and b) they're something sweet to toss in Phillip's lunch or to take with me to work for a snack. They're also fin to enlist kiddos to help with - they love to press buttons on kitchen gadgets, and as long as they don't lick their hands, they can easily help to knead in the coconut. Yum!

We had a super fun potluck this afternoon with a full house. There was a seriously disproportionate number of desserts to main dishes, which was awesome. The luck of the pot, as they say. There were a dozen kids here (a literal dozen, along with an additional four in utero!), and I only heard two tiny bouts of crying, neither of which was from my offspring. The rest of the time, everyone played together beautifully, which meant that the adults got to have a nice visit, too.

And now, I am tired. I'm going to get some leftover crème brûlée from the fridge (yes, we had guests who brought crème brûlée! And left us some!) and settle in to watch something mindless.

Hope you're having a good weekend, too.


  1. What a terrific and easy recipes for dates...thanks for sharing! Yum about the creme brûlée. Our neighbors brought over creme caramel once when they came for dinner. Mmmm. Sounds like you're having a terrific weekend!

  2. Thanks, Teresa! I hope that you had a lovely weekend, too. :)


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