My sweet mother-in-law brought me two kilograms (close to 5 pounds) of dates when they were here at Christmas. (She shops at Costco.) So - do you have a great way that you like to use dates? Preferably not in a cake, although Queen Elizabeth cake is one of my favourite cakes in the world. I'm thinking that I should expand my date horizons. Something healthy that Phillip can take to school in his lunch - maybe a bar, square, snack ball, or something else entirely that I haven't thought of? Maybe a savoury use? I haven't searched for recipes yet; I know that you guys have some good ones. Thanks in advance!

Also, thanks so much for your concern about my sickly self! I'm feeling quite a bit better, and am still waiting to hear from the doctor. In the meantime I'm laying low and thinking about making all kinds of good stuff when I'm back to my usual self, hence the date plans. Have a good Tuesday!


  1. Ironically, I just printed this recipe out yesterday: http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2011/12/spicy-lemon-date-spread/

  2. My friend's husband brought her a kilo of dates back from Morocco and she made sticky toffee pudding.

  3. In a salad, with arugula or a mixed of fresh small leaves, some red onion, a big piece of goat cheese, some dates cut in small pieces, and a seasoning with cinnamon, sugar, olive oil and lemon. I love this recipe, so I hope you will enjoy it!

  4. Margarent, that sounds yummy!

    MaryPat, the sticky toffee pudding is similar to the Queen Elizabeth Cake, and I ADORE it. :)

    Celia, that sounds absolutely perfectly wonderful, and exactly the kind of flavour combination that I would love! I'm definitely going to try it. Yum, and thanks!

    (sometimes called Matrimonial Squares)

  6. I am glad you like the idea, you are not going to use a lot each time but this is just a new salty way to use them.


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