i personally challenge you not to smile

...at what P's been drawing lately. Above is our family portrait (I'm the pink one.) Although you may think that the body-shaped thing under the heads are torsos, they're not. They're necks, according to P. And this little man appeared on his hand yesterday. Isn't it adorable? I am LOVING this age. For a long time, even up until the past few months, Phillip was not into drawing or writing at all. He's hitting his stride now.


  1. Maybe when P says "neck", he really means torso? Sort of like when I say "oh, no thanks, I really couldn't eat dessert" I mean "I'll take one of everything on the dessert menu"? ;D

    Those are totally adorable figure drawings!

  2. so cute! I remember those days! Wait! I have a 15 yr old that still comes home with stuff drawn on his hands!


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