baking soda

I'm guessing that I'm preaching to the choir, but baking soda is amazing. So much so that I bought a 10kg bag of it last time I ran out. (It should last for awhile.) My favourite uses are as a scrub for the kitchen sink, and for the bathtub - a combination of baking soda and 5% hydrogen peroxide is the only thing that I have found works to get our old enamel cast iron tub really clean. I spray it with the peroxide first, sprinkle of the baking soda, let it sit for awhile, until I remember about it, and rinse it off. There are thousands of other uses for it, from toothpaste to deodorant to homemade 'clay' (I really want to try that one!); a quick search will give you all kinds of ways to use it to freshen up.

Incidentally, that lovely label is one of Martha's new Avery labels from Staples. Love them.

And this is where I happily spent much of my morning with the boys:
And it's back to work tomorrow. Good night!

Edited to add: What do you use baking soda for? Really, I'm curious!


  1. I've used baking soda for getting rid of smells (coffee is also great for that and smells delicious) and to clean mattresses once in a while...just sprinkle it on the bare mattress, let sit for a while and vaccuum it off. It's supposed to kill dust mites too.
    Love your label!

  2. I wonder if the peroxide/baking soda method will work well on our yucky fibre glass tubs? Will give it a try! I do use baking side to clean, but have never paired it with peroxide.

    Oh, I used baking soda in that toothpaste I made...I really like it. it's working well so far.

  3. Cleans coffee/King Cole tea stains off teeth perfectly, and I have an old tub too so I will try your method of cleaning. Thanks!

  4. Kristina - I didn't know that about the dust mites - thanks for the tip! If we have a warm weekend day soon, I'm opening the windows, washing the bedding, and breaking out the baking soda!

    Teresa, I don't know for sure, but I can't see why it wouldn't. Sometimes if the boys have been particularly grimy, it needs an extra scrub with the rinse. I would guess that you would need the scrub from the baking soda more than the whitening from the peroxide, on fibre glass. Let me know how it works!

    Margaret, let me know how it works on your tub! Like I told Teresa, sometimes it needs an extra little scrub at the end (sometimes an extra squirt of peroxide), but it works like a charm. Do you use it regularly for your teeth, or just every now and then? I use a baking soda toothpaste, which I love the flavour of. (My teeth are really sensitive, so I have to use the sensitive + whitening and can't rely on homemade, bah.)

  5. Thanks, Sherrie! If I remember this weekend, I'll try it out. It takes a bit to get me out of an old routine sometimes. :)

  6. Katie Perkins2/14/2012

    Found this on pinterest and am dying to try it! http://behindthestudio.com/2011/06/15/how-to-clean-your-glass-cooktop/

  7. i LOVE to use baking soda to clean almost anything. we just moved into an old house, and there are ancient stains everywhere, but a paste of lemon juice and baking soda is strong enough to remove them (and gentle enough not to harm the carpets/cupboards/appliances). i didn't even know it was possible to buy baking soda in bulk ... reading this made me so happy :).

  8. Sherrie, I drink a lot of tea and coffee, so I use it straight about every 3 days. Worry not, there's nothing to harm you.

    Also, I finished off the last anise bar today. Sad day. ;-) See you in 6 weeks.


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