There are lots of hearts at our house lately.

Right now, at this very moment, I have some liquid soap in the works, made made from one of my Basil Kitchen bars. I've tried making liquid soaps a few different ways before, and haven't had much luck with getting it the way I would like. This method, with the added glycerin, the sitting time and blending at the end, looks promising. (Phillip wants me to type "I'll show you how to make it" here. And I will, this week. He's been helping me to take pictures of the process.)

I haven't chatted much about my soap here lately, have I? I am still selling it locally at Yarmouth Natural, and doing direct orders as well (just drop me a note if you're interested in ordering some or bartering). Any more than that right now (for example, having an Etsy shop with regular listings rather than the custom order system I have set up right now) would be more than I'm interested in. Since I'm not doing it full time, and it's in addition to my teaching, mothering, and other fun pursuits, I need for it to be purely fun. And right now, it is!

Molly crocheted this adorable heart garland for me, and I loooove it. Thanks, Molly!

I hope that you're having a lovely weekend, and that there are some hearts at your house, too.

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  1. I love your dear, but subtle, little hearts! And please keep us posted on how the liquid soap recipe turns out for you. I've been searching for one too. Thanks!

    Good to hear you're keeping up with soaping but not stressing out over it!


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