sunday morning

I bought these daffodils so we would have fresh flowers during our open house yesterday. (Still no house movement.) And so I would be able to enjoy them this week. Aren't they cheery?

We just finished a lovely, late pancake breakfast and then had a great time playing with some vintage Lego that were given to us yesterday. The pieces are too small for Thomas - he still likes to put things in his mouth. But they are so much fun to build with!

I'm planning to get some more soap made today (I got three batches made last night and didn't have quite enough olive oil for my fourth, so I'll need to pick some up). Maybe I'll make a soup, sauce, stew, or something else that begins with 's' and takes awhile on the stove.

I hope that you have a lovely slow day, too.

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  1. I like the vision of flowers. We had a mild Winter this year here but I can't wait for Spring.


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