twine jar

This is one of those things that was sooooo easy, I am thunking my forehead for not doing it sooner. I always have a roll of twine on the go; I use it for wrapping up and typing just about every gift that leaves the house, for tying our Christmas tree to the wall, and a million other things. I keep it in a tidy deep drawer with other wrapping supplies, and even though I left it in its (ugly) plastic wrapping, a bunch always escaped from the top and it ended up getting tangled with something else... a minor annoyance, but one that was easily, quickly, and prettily fixed by punching a hole in the top of a jar and running the twine through the top. I used a screwdriver to punch the hole, then flipped the lid over to flatten any sharp bits. Done.

Do you have a small but mighty trick like this that's gotten rid of a minor annoyance? Do tell!


  1. Anonymous2/25/2012

    Love this. Such a clever idea.


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