midwinter potluck

It's so much easier to write brief posts about things or events and include a pretty picture than it is to try to accurately express my thoughts on really important and life-changing things that I care really, really deeply about. I'm thinking a lot about part two of my happiness post, and I'm hoping to have it up soon. But I want to put a bit more thought into it, first.

We had a fantastic weekend - some of our friends came over on Saturday for a lovely Midwinter Potluck. We stopped inviting people after everyone we invited said that they would come, and they did! The house was happily packed to the brim, and we had a great time. It was really, really straightforward to organize, and easy to plan (I heart potlucks!) and a perfect way to celebrate the middle of winter. I highly recommend it.

One of the guests brought us some eggs from that very morning. They were delicious. (Thanks, S!)

 The potluck was Adam's idea (thanks, fab husband) and all of the pictures except the mums (mine!) are his.

There were many chubby little hands in the house! So much fun.

We're in the midst of the giant snowstorm, and are possibly going to get 60cm (a LOT) of snow by Thursday morning. I think a snow day is pretty much guaranteed for tomorrow; my fingers are crossed for one on Thursday, too. (I really do love my job, but staying cozied up at home definitely trumps going to work.)

I hope that you're cozy and snug, wherever you are. Give extra-long hugs to your loves today!

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  1. Hey Sherrie, wish we could have joined you! I'm glad it was so much fun - such a lovely idea for midwinter. Hope you are enjoying your snow days!!


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