more tulips

 We had a very quiet weekend. We are a germy, germy bunch. Steer clear, if you see us approaching. Not that we're going anywhere.
Speaking of approaching, Spring is going to be here very, very soon. Be still my heart! Through this fog in my head, I really wanted to clean today. Aside from the regular housework, I didn't accomplish too much, but the sentiment was there. March 1 seems like the perfect time to me to start a new year.

I had vague plans to make Smitten Kitchen's Pop Tarts this weekend, but didn't really feel like it. That, and Adam made chocolate chip cookies and strawberry coffee cake thingies, so we really didn't need anything else sweet in the house. Poor Phillip barely ate a thing all weekend, so he didn't even have any of those. He had a good supper tonight, though - some homemade bread and roasted squash and a few bits of cheese. I'm hoping that he's a bit more like himself tomorrow.

Hope your week starts off well and germ-free tomorrow!


  1. Poor little guy. I hope you are all feeling better today!

  2. I'm forcing tulips too! Hope you all feel better!

  3. Hope you get well again soon...all of you!

  4. Oh, I've had coughing fits for 3 weeks now. Think I miiiight finally be kicking it. March 1 is looking good! Couldn't resist buying farmer's market tulips the other day. For me, they are the happiest sign that spring is almost here.

    Feel better soon!


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