the sick

The sick has arrived in our house. I had grand plans for a family potluck tomorrow, all sorts of fun weekend plans, and everything is now out the window (to the wind and rain), to be replaced with snuggles, cuddles, hot lemon and ginger drinks, reading plenty of books and lots of cleaning. So, we're out of commission until further notice. Hope that you have a lovely, healthy, and happy weekend!


  1. Hugs to everyone !!! hope it passes through quickly in your household. Honey in that lemon ginger drink is also good.

  2. I hope the sickness passes soon but it sounds like you have the right plan to fight it! Ginger, honey and lemon tea is the best. I also find that munching on an orange or other fruit helps to maintain electrolytes and strength!

  3. Oh no! Feel better soon! At least it's good 'stay inside' weather this weekend!


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