It was a snow day today, which meant something super - Phillip and I did some hard-core Valentine's decorating. I saw this idea for a heart garland over at Erin's lovely blog, House on Hill Road, yesterday, and was so glad that we could whip some up today while the weather was pretty wild.  The garland was really easy, quick, and fun - and Phillip could not have been more excited about the results.
First, I cut long strips of wrapping and scrapbook papers I had on hand, and cut at the fold for the hearts.
Then we simply stitched them together with the sewing machine (despite appearances, I did the stitching, not the 3 year old) and voila! Our own heart garlands.

 Here's the boy, signing a Valentine for Adam. His tongue was out like that all morning.
Does anyone else miss Martha Stewart Kids? I bought most issues when they were published, way back before I had any kids of my own. I'm glad that I saved them (and I'm not one to save things) - Phillip and I spent a long time looking at the Winter 2004 issue this afternoon.
"Let's do that!" "Let's do that!" "Let's do that!"
I hope that you're cozy and enjoying whatever weather you're having. (My fingers are crossed for another snow day tomorrow - we're supposed to get another 8-10cm tonight!)


  1. I'm SOOOO going to make these! They are WAY TOO CUTE!!! Thanks Sherrie for sharing a great idea!

  2. I saw this on House On Hill Road too. Now I want to make some garlands even more!

  3. I enjoy! I want to make a garland out of red & pink slivered crayons laid between 2 sheets of cut out heart's made of wax paper - then iron. They look like stained glass, well in the pitcher anyway!

  4. What a great idea! I will definitely be making these!! :)

  5. It was SO much fun - and so easy. Have fun!


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