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I have so many things to tell you about, like how we've been trying to find the perfect house for at least three years now, and it just hasn't happened, with yet another disappointment today. And how chickens are not permitted in our town. And how thankful I am for my very charmed life, and my thoughts on happiness. I'll save those thoughts for another day. When all else fails, post cute pictures of the boys.
 Phillip and I have been making all kinds of things from craft books lately. I picked up a copy of Nature Crafts for Kids at Frenchy's when he and I went last weekend. It's fantastic! I highly recommend it for kids of all ages. Many of the activities are for kids a bit older, but there are parts that he can do. And it's organized, very appropriately, by the season. He was taking post-it flags and marking the ones he wanted to do. Which meant every page.
 And this little man will be ten months tomorrow (!) and took FOUR steps in a row last night! Again, right to his Mama.
 I think he's working on some more teeth. His top tooth is not, as we first thought, one of his front ones, but the one next to it! He's been holding his mouth like this a lot. Which makes his chin look chubbier and his cheeks droop a little bit more. I love it.
Isn't his hair fantastic?

Good night!


  1. I forgot (from reading previous posts) that you were looking for another house. I'll come... everything happens for a reason ! Love the pictures of the boys. Ps : I'm sending you an email.

  2. So cute! I hope my little man is just as cute as your boys, and that he loves to do crafts too!

  3. Oh, thank you, Anne-Marie! I am sure he will be absolutely perfect! :)


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