january 19

I love it when people tell me that they read my blog. Especially in person. It happened a couple of times today, and it just makes me so very, very happy that other people enjoy something that I have so much fun doing. And it really is entirely about fun for me - I don't make any money from it, I have no ulterior motives, I am not concerned with getting subscribers, I have no strict posting schedule or other blog-bog. (I just made that up. It's like getting bogged down, but with your blog. Moving right along...) It works for me, and keeps it from being a drudgery.

Just so you know, the birdseed ornaments don't survive rain very well; they turned to mush and are now seedy blobs on the sodden, mucky, gloomy mud. If you're in a place with rainy winters, maybe an oil-based mix is the way to go. Keeps the birds chipper, too! The dreary weather outside is nicely put out of my mind when I'm looking at this picture - I took it the other day during a brief sunny spell. It turned out exactly as I had hoped. I love it when that happens.

And perhaps the most exciting thing that happened today - Thomas took his first step, right to me.


  1. Blog-bog cracked me up. It definitely seems like it could get that way. Again, I just love this picture. It makes me excited for warm sun again.

  2. Yay Thomas, way to go little man. That picture is amazing. The perfect amount of light and of course the blue jar....love, love.

  3. I have to admit I've seen you around town and have been tempted to say hi but I'm always too shy (I'm extremely shy IRL). You probably know my husband Mark if you shop at Sobeys though :)

  4. Pity about the birdseed ornaments but yay for first steps :)
    I really think that's what blogging should be: fun and inspiring and relationship-building. If it starts being an obligation we should start wondering if it is worth spending our free time on :)

  5. Hey Sherrie, I always enjoy your blog, and this post totally made me smile. I'm so glad you enjoy doing what you do, because it's always nice to visit!


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