laundry room

This is the kind of post that I love to read on other blogs, but don't really post very often. Our porch is small but mighty! This is what it looks like on any given day (but not every day); I really try to keep it tidy since it's the first thing anyone (especially me!) sees when coming in.  It's our laundry room, and main entry to our house. Pictured are my homemade laundry soap and baking soda, and some oxygen bleach in the enamel container. (I most often use Down East liquid detergent, which is just to the right of these; you can see it a few pictures down.) In the canister on the left are a few little odds and ends. The previous owners rigged up that funny little nail to support the shelf, and there's something I like about it.
Bottom shelf, far left is a basket with Oxy Clean Baby, sunscreen, and shoe polish. To the right of that, a great enamel dish (from Value Village!) which holds my clothespins. The back door is directly opposite the washer and dryer, and there's just enough room for it to open. That's where the clothesline is. Coats and shoes are tucked in on hooks and shoe racks behind the door. (Incidentally, that's my leather work bag, which I also found at Value Village several years ago for $2.99 - best find. Ever.) And the washer door is open because someone was helping me with the shoot. (You'll find him below.)

 On the top shelf, since I can't reach it anyway, I have a selection of milk bottles; all clear glass. Middle shelf - a galvanized tub holding a couple of screwdrivers, the iron, a bug zapper (that's the yellow thing - it's fantastic!) and a few other household odds and ends. The basket on top of the dryer is the "out basket" and holds things to be dropped off here and there. The (seldom-used) ironing board is tucked in against the wall to the left of the dryer.
Don't I have the sweetest helper? He loves to watch the laundry spin, and to see his distorted reflection in the washer and dryer doors. He's so sweet.

So there! Welcome to my house. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. what a great post! I would love to have such an organized and quaint laundry area.

  2. Joanne MD-B1/16/2011

    Looks like everything has a place and everything is in its place!

  3. Elisha1/16/2011

    I love laundry rooms. Partly because I love the smell of fresh laundry & partly because the noise calms me. Hehe your helper is uber cute.

  4. Pretty post! I noticed that bag right away and couldn't believe you found it at value village! what a score.

    your helper is most adorable!

  5. Very nice, Sherrie. It's oh, so practical, yet attractive at the same time, something you're not embarrassed for people to see, but PROUD of! Good job!


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