welcome back!

Welcome back! I've been puttering away at tidying things up here on the blog this weekend. It wasn't even a New Year's resolution - it just felt like it was about time. If you're reading this through Google Reader or another feed, please take a second to click on over and have a peek. Let me know what you think!

Like this corner in my dining room, which always ends up looking sparse and minimal like this in January, a welcome reprieve from Christmas clutter, I wanted to tidy things up here on the blog with a new, simpler design. There's still a search bar, but now it's over there to the right, so you can look for a particular post or topic. I don't think I'll be tackling categorizing all of my posts in any other way, but I do think that I will start reposting the occasional old post - there are a lot of them!
There's a link over there to follow me on Twitter, too - and one of my tweets was published (in print!) in the February issue of Style at Home magazine! We still don't have the bathroom painted, but that's definitely the colour we'll go with.

While I'm in the mood, is there anything particular that is missing or that you'd like to see? I'll take all suggestions under advisement. 

Hope that you had a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous1/09/2011

    I think it is beautiful, but then your blog has always been beautiful. Coming here is like coming to a sanctuary.

    Thanks for spelling out for me the changes you made; I am dim that way. LOL!

  2. Looking good, Sherrie!!

  3. Your blog looks beautiful and I LOVE that first picture!

  4. Clicked over from Google Reader (thank you for the invite!) and I like the fresh look of your blog! I'm always a fan of white space!

    Happy new year to you!!


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