last weekend's finds and a gorgeous drive

I am the crazy woman who drives around with pruners in the trunk and often a camera at the ready. This morning, we woke up to a perfect snowfall, and I took this picture of one of my favourite views while travelling for my job as an itinerant teacher of the visually impaired. It was a beautiful morning.
Ah! The Frenchy's finds that I mentioned on the weekend! The fantastic crib sheet is from Pottery Barn, and is by far the best-fitting crib sheet I have ever used. Not to mention the coolest.
 And these three thrifted ceramic things that look like paper cones are also from Pottery Barn. I added in some branches, and I'm kind of liking them on the stairs. Something about them looks like store decorations to me, though... what do you think?
I had all sorts of profound thoughts and ideas to post while I was driving today, and as I fully expected, they are out of my head. I'll have to go back to taking voice notes while driving - it's a good way to remember those fleeting clever thoughts.

It's Friday tomorrow! I am definitely looking forward to a cozy weekend. I just picked up Radical Homemakers from the library, and can't wait to start. Happy Thursday!


  1. Krissy1/20/2011

    Where was your first picture taken? It looks much like the field across from my parent's house. I had to look twice to see if it was. So pretty

  2. You're very close, Krissy - it's at the top of the Richmond Road. :)

  3. LOVE that first picture, it's absolutely beautiful and perfect!! Have fun reading and let me know if you like Radical Homemakers! I've been thinking of buying it and could use some help deciding :)

  4. I love the cone decorations. I would leave them with branches; well, because that's exactly what I would have put in them. I agree with everyone else, that first picture is beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful view! I can see why it is one of your favorites!

    The pottery and branches look like something out of a magazine! I have the feeling that the branches will only be temporary and you will soon be filling them with pussy willows and other lovely branches and flowers! I think they are a great idea and am thinking of stealing it for my front stairs! They would be very welcoming.

    Have a great weekend! I will be cozying up to the final version of thesis Chapter 1...

  6. Thanks, guys!

    Kristina, I started it last night and love it. And I only read the prologue and a couple pages of the first chapter. :)

    Vickie, thanks! I also love branches (can you tell?) Maybe I'll switch these ones out for some more natural rustic ones sometime - I think it's their uniformity that makes me feel like it's a store display.

    Alli, I think you're right about me switching them around - I especially like your pussy willow suggestion. I hope that you have a lovely and productive weekend!


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