kitchen chalkboard and birch candles

Really, this is so simple, it's not even worth writing out a proper tutorial. Adam found me this frame at a local antiques shop. I LOVE it. Phillip had a chalkboard hanging around that was nearly impossible to write on with chalk. So I bought a small can of chalkboard paint ($10 at Home Hardware - it's hard to find in a can rather than an aerosol), cut the old board to fit, and painted it. Popped it in place and secured with a few finishing nails, and presto! Here is is.
My favourite part is Adam's smart way to affix it to the wall. To avoid wobbling around when written on, he affixed 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips to the top and bottom. (Nope, no one pays me.) Hasn't budged. Love it! Definitely one of the most used things in the kitchen.
As you may have guessed from the name of my super-small business, I have a thing for birch trees. To me, they are Canada, woodlands, gracefulness and beauty. I found these candles on sale last week ($3 each!), and my favourite part is that the candle is replaceable, so I can pop in my local beeswax beauties and enjoy them for ages. Especially on these long winter evenings.
Back to work tomorrow after a lovely break. Have a great first full week of 2011!


  1. We painted a large portion of a wall in our basement with chalkboard paint so the kids could "chalk" to their hearts content. One of my fondest childhood memories was at my cousins house and they had a huge chalkboard in the basement. We loved to play school with all our toys :). Kids sure love chalk!!

    Those are very cute candle holders!

  2. You are SO crafty :) I LOVE your new chalkboard!!

  3. Anonymous1/04/2011

    We're fond of most trees, but birch trees are extra beautiful! Those candle holders are a fab find!


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