homemade laundry soap

A snow day did arrive! I've been having a lovely day with P, there's one of my favourite suppers in the crockpot, and it's naptime. So I decided to whip up something non-cakey and non-soapy. Okay, this is definitely not cake-y, but it is kind of soapy.

Laundry Soap
1 cup washing soda
1 cup borax
1 grated bar soap
Several drops essential oils, if desired.

Blend / process soap until it's powder. Add borax and washing soda; pulse until uniform.
Use 1-2 tbsp per load; this will not produce suds like commercial detergents.

The food processor I used (which I bought for $30; it was regularly $130 and was discontinued, so I bought it for projects like this) isn't the sturdiest on the planet, so I found that it worked well to chop up the soap (rather than try to grate it from the whole bar) and process it that way. I tried using a Simply Clean Stain Remover bar (I didn't use quite the whole thing, probably 3/4 of it - it's huge!) since it was inexpensive and really hard - I think that with my soaps, I would have needed to dry the soap a bit more after processing it so that it wouldn't clump. Now that I'm thinking of it, while the processor is out and still has soap bits in it, I should grate some extra to dry and have on hand. And of course, washing soda and borax are in the laundry aisle (usually on the top shelf).

The original recipe is here, and has a few more details you might like to know before making it.

We usually use Down East unscented liquid laundry detergent; it cleans really well, lasts forever, and it's made here in NS. But since I saw how simple this recipe is, I thought I would try it. We'll see how well it works on some of P's toddler grime, and because I didn't add any fragrance, it should be fine for Son #2's clothes, too. Let me know if you're planning to or have tried this!

Happy snow day!


  1. I do the liquid form with these exact same ingredients. It works great for us. And when dried outside, the cloths smell so nice and fresh.

  2. How do you do the liquid form, Vickie? I've seen a few different techniques - would you mind commenting or posting on your blog how you do it? :) Thanks!

  3. oh I was thinking of trying this... liquid form eh? I would also love to know how you do this. :)

    Also- I have some similar containers with the chalk paint- and i LOVE them :)

  4. Hi Sherrie, I was thinking of you yesterday when we got the Snow Day. Glad to see you enjoyed it!

  5. Bought lovely kaiser rolls from the German baker this morning at the market, in preparation for some yummy lentil sloppy joes. Came home and whipped 'em up, minus the ketchup (as we're out). The boys are at the store now, fetching said ketchup, and all I have to say is ... It's taking every part of me to not eat this whole vat of lentils while they're gone. HOLY YUM.

    I cannot wait to add the ketchup, let 'em cook s'more, and Dig In! Thank you so much for this recipe. I'm so glad I doubled it!


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