... so I pulled over and picked them

I was driving back to my office after working with a student this morning, and I saw loads of these gorgeous, stunning, vibrant red berries in the ditch. So I promptly pulled over and picked some of them. I have a thing for red berries, and these ones are amazing.

It has been a very busy week, and I am so excited to spend lots of time with Phillip this weekend. I also have a couple of new magazines to read, and I'm planning on making this cake. Isn't it gorgeous? I've been planning on it for over a week, and haven't had a chance yet. Once again, red berries.

Hey - here's something you might be able to help me with - we're in the market for a new washer and dryer. Ours haven't died yet, but are so old that no one can tell us how old they are. (They were a very generous gift when we were first married, and they have served us well.) We're looking for a set with larger capacity, and more importantly, which are more efficient. I was kind of thinking of buying a Kemore set on sale this week at Sears, but after reading a bunch of terrible reviews on epinions.com, I've decided against that set. Do you have an HE Energy Star rated washer and love it? Hate it? I've decided that it's worth it to take my time finding a good one. Help! Any input is very welcome.

Cute baby in a costume picture coming tomorrow! Happy Halloween!

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