We had a lovely, quiet dinner by locally-made beeswax candlelight to celebrate the solstice last night.

Phillip was sick again yesterday, so he got dressed in some clean pyjamas and we spent the day inside. I had been hoping to do some fun outdoor solstice celebration kinds of things through the day, but they can wait. Our dinner was lovely and calm; we turned off all of the lights and chatted about the season.

And now, on to more Christmas excitement!


  1. Anonymous12/22/2010

    I think you home is a most magical place to live in...be careful or I might move in with you! LOL!

    Hope P will continue to get better!

  2. Hope Mr. P feels better for Santa. Where did you buy the local beeswax candles ? That is all I burn in our home.

  3. Teresa, come on over! We'd be happy to make room for you and your crew. :)

    Vickie, That's all we burn, too. Doris Cooke at Hands on Crafts makes them, and her prices are very good - a set of four votives for $8. She has lots of other molded figures and such, too, and the tapers, which were also made by her. One of my favourite gifts last Christmas was a beeswax nativity set that she made - it's lovely.

    P is definitely much, much better today. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Sherrie. I'll check into Hands on Crafts. When I go in there I spend all my time in the yarn I never think of checking other things. I've seen a nativity set at the Farmers Market in Moncton; it was beautiful.


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