update (still no baby)

Sunrise, Thursday morning. Phillip has said all along that his brother would arrive on the 25th. He might be right. Had a very long, not-restful night. Went in to the hospital again last night when contractions were a couple of minutes apart (did I say 'again'? this is getting a bit ridiculous), was checked, and nothing. Son #2 is still waaaay high up, just like P was, and even though my body has been trying to get things going in a rather intense way, it's looking like that just might not happen on its own. So I may not get my VBAC after all, but I'm determined to get this baby out while he's still healthy and wiggly (which he is, yay!) and before it's an emergency situation. I'm headed in to the clinic this morning for a regular appointment and for him to be monitored. Meanwhile, the contractions continue. (I've had about 6 since beginning to type.) Good grief - I'm going to plan on having happy news in my next update!


  1. You and the babe are going to get very tired soon. Things are going to move along... probably today :-)

  2. Come on baby, we're all waiting...

  3. Keep your spirit up! Don't give up on the VBAC just yet! The little guy might just change his mind! :) We are cheering for you!


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