blooms and homemade jelly

If you come into my house, this will be one of the first things that you'll see. (Shhhhh - it doesn't know that it's not Christmas and that this is the third time it's bloomed since November!)

Have I mentioned that I love bartering? We have an arrangement with our friend, a hair stylist, that we swap soap for haircuts. It works out beautifully - she even comes to our house, which is awesome. After running out of jam a few weeks ago (aaaaaahhhh, I knew I should have made more last summer!) I mentioned it to one of the other moms I know. She made plenty last summer, and we agreed on a little swap of some soap for jam (or in this case, wild apple mint jelly, with some raspberry on the way). Yum. I am so excited to try it on toast! And isn't that a gorgeous colour?

Thanks for the encouragement on the last post. One of the things that the doctor mentioned to me yesterday was that daily walks might help to get things going, so we went for a walk this afternoon in some amazing almost-Spring weather. Speaking of which, daylight savings time is next weekend, and Spring officially begins the next weekend! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. My cactus, such as yours, except the bloom is a salmon color, has bloomed since October (though just a couple of blooms, now). It has had an unusual pattern for blooms this year, too. Hmmm.


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