in which I ramble on about several things and there's a cute picture of P

P and I made these cookies this morning. (Thanks for the picture, Adam!) He was so excited to help. And to use a couple of them as part of an ice cream sandwiches after lunch. (We're going to make the filling after he wakes up, which should be any minute. Must type quickly.) What a treat! The cookies are the perfect texture next to the ice cream.
We had a delicious dinner last night. (Again, thanks for the picture, Adam!) Some Everyday Food recipes, of course. This fantastic chicken with a mustard cream sauce, along with some perfect roasted asparagus. (I need a bumper sticker that says "I heart asparagus." I ate about a pound of it. I'm lucky that A & P aren't as big fans as I am. More for me!) Oh, and the best rice technique, ever? Right here - it's baked and has never turned out sticky. I used to wrinkle my nose at rice, and always ended up with gooey brown mess, but this has been the ticket.) Yum.

Adam woke up yesterday with the idea that there must be an iPhone app for timing and keeping track of labour contractions. He thinks that it came to him in a dream. Seriously. Well, he was right - there are lots available. He picked this one. I hope it comes in handy, and sooner rather than later!

Re: March 30. Due date; full moon; my birthday. Maybe he'll hang on until then. Speaking of my birthday...

I looooove these ceramic garden stakes. (Have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up, wink wink? Lavender, Oregano, Parsley and Thyme, please.) I think that tucked in the pots of some indoor herbs in the kitchen would be adorable. Speaking of which, I need to get mine started! There are plenty of other beautiful things (like these amazing pendant lights) over at Pigeon Toe Ceramics, too - have fun browsing. And lookee - they have an Etsy shop, too.

And speaking of babies, I can't neglect to mention that a loyal local reader, who was due three days before me, had a beautiful baby boy on Friday. Congratulations a million times over, and I'm so glad that you're home and well!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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  1. Anonymous3/14/2010

    Due to my parents, and then me and dh, always owning a fabulous Japanese rice cooker, I have never had bad rice before in my life (uh, ok, maybe at the homes of friends who don't have your recipe or a rice cooker). :)

    P is so adorable! And look at him helping out like a big boy; he could give my kids lessons in being helpful!

    I'd missed your cookie recipe when you first posted it, but I think, looking at it, that I must try these. =)


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