another no-news-yet early morning update

After another long night with lots of irregular (by no means mild) contractions, I am still at home, and hoping that today is this little guy's birthday. March 24, doesn't that sound nice? Really, my body is starting to get tired - my legs ache (I'm sure it has a lot to do with the extra fifty pounds or so that I'm hefting around and all of the walking and being upright I've been doing) and it's hard to get comfortable. Trying to get some sleep lying down is tricky; waking up in the throes of a contraction doesn't allow for the freedom of movement to get up, and I find it's much easier to breathe through if I'm standing and holding or pushing against something. I'm also happy to update people in between, but feeling kind of silly that it's the same news since Sunday night.

But. My body is made to do this. This happening on its own is exactly what I want, and is so much better than having the forced contractions I did last time, from being induced. I am certainly not the first one to do this, and I won't be the last. People go through much worse every day, and they don't even get to cuddle a sweet new baby in the end. I really have so, so much to be thankful for.

I just breathed through another contraction, one more step closer!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. At least you're home - no IV drips, your own bed/furniture, and you can eat when you feel like it. Much nicer to be walking around looking at gardens in the neighborhood than walking the hospital halls! Here's hoping it all gets going today and that it's quick at the end. Best of luck!

  2. Good luck, Sherrie! You're going to do great - that last little bit feels like it takes forever, doesn't it? But you're totally 100% right - your body knows what it's doing. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some rest today, and you'll be holding a sweet new babe in no time!

  3. I am thinking of you prayerfully today, Sherrie - and waiting for the news of your new little one's joyous arrival!

  4. When you're waiting for something so special and important an hour can feel like an entire day but things will speed up now. I am sending you ALL my positive energy. That babe is comfy in there, he wants to stay just a little while longer.

  5. Hey Sherrie - I had the same thing with Hannah - contractions off and on for several days before finally going into labour. It seemed to make for a quick and easy delivery, though, so praying the same for you!

  6. Dear, dear Sherrie. I am praying 'almost' all the time, and I care so much. May all of this be hasten on the end result. I love you so much and want God's very best for you and your precious family of 4.


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