this too shall pass

'This too shall pass' is a phrase I've been repeating to myself lately, with some unpleasant toilet training incidents at our house. Ugh. So I keep thinking of this fantastic song, which I love enough with this video I saw for the first time a few months ago:

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

But if you haven't seen it already, check out this video for the same song (it's worth at leasta couple of listens), which was released the other day - it's mesmerizing! I love it when people have a great idea and execute it well.

I love their sound, and the videos just make it that much better. ('The treadmill video' is over here - it was the first one of theirs I saw.) You can check out OK Go's site, here.

Happy Wednesday! I hope that yours is free of messy toddler 'accidents'!


  1. What an AMAZING contraption! Marvellous!!! I so dig this.

  2. I have an eighteen year old and a ten years old and today is one of those days I would like to A)move away an change my name B) pull my hair out...ooh for the days of potty training...

  3. See I can't even form words in the correct tense - I mean - ten year old...


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