4:51 a.m.

Well, it's 4:51 and I'm wide awake. This (thankfully) hasn't happened in awhile. And nope, no contractions or immediately impending baby - I'm just awake. Since I'm up, I thought I would share this amazingly perfect bathroom (maybe minus the topiary thing by the lower window), from Design Sponge and found via The Honey Locust.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I dropped off a pile of soaps at Yarmouth Natural last week. When I was at the store yesterday, Sue mentioned that they've been selling like hotcakes, so if you think you might end up in a Birch Bark soap-less conundrum, best get yourself down there while there's still a bit of a selection.


  1. Very pretty bathroom! Love the basket and the color of the tub!!

  2. That is a lovely bathroom, but I agree with you on not caring for the placement of that...thing. It almost looks like they made it out of old snowshoes. Very neat, but looks weird just sitting there.


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