I've been making some fun batches of soap lately, including this batch, which I made especially with my wee ones in mind. It's made with olive and avocado oils, natural beeswax from a beekeeper we know in New Brunswick, and chamomile extract. I can't think of many nicer things to wash up a wee one with! I just cut it this morning, and am excited for it to cure.

I hadn't made an Island Coconut Salt Bar batch in ages (the humidity here doesn't cooperate well with the whole salt bar thing). But I had a no-hurry custom request, so I whipped up a batch a couple of weeks ago. They turned out perfectly. See how the texture is slightly grainy? That's from a pile of salt that's added in. But it's still smooth, and kind of polishes as it's used. It's lovely, really.
And a few French Clay Olive Oil bars I have on hand. They just looked so cute and green, all lined up.

I took P for a long-ish walk this morning, and am tuckered out! It seemed to take forever to get anywhere. I'm accustomed to being a fast walker, but that's just not happening these days. I'm hoping that the walking might encourage this little one to make his debut sooner rather than later. 12 days until d-day!


  1. Anonymous3/18/2010

    The soaps are all so beautiful, Sherrie!

    Walking fast, I think, def helps the baby move along. 3 weeks before my due date, I was chasing my then-22-month-old toddler around a bookstore (grrr), and sure enough that afternoon, my contractions started and ds#2 was born that evening. :}

  2. Thanks, Teresa! Maybe I'll have to speed up the walking a bit and hope that moves things along. :)

  3. I love the wholesomeness of the soap for the wee ones. So nice!

  4. Your soaps are gorgeous! I think it is almost time for an order! :)

    What a lovely birthday present you will have! I am so excited for you! :)

  5. Soap!

    One of my next project. I have everything gathered except the coconut oil.
    Do you know where we can get it cheap? We are in New Brunswick.

  6. Hi La Joie, thanks for stopping by! I don't know where you might be able to get it for cheap. I'm able to buy it in bulk at a local shop. You can order it online from several different soap supply places, and it will probably be cheaper than buying it from the grocery store. But if you're just trying soapmaking, you might want to start with a smaller amount from the grocery store. Have fun!


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