no more work for the pregnant lady!

Yay, I'm done work until January! (And both baby G and I are fine.)

My blood pressure has been a bit high as of late, and when I checked it at lunch time (my heart was racing for no apparent reason and I just felt a little funny, even though my most strenuous activity was eating lunch) it was 154 /88 and my heart rate was 98. (My usual BP is 110/70 and my heart rate is around 62.) We have a home monitor for Adam, in case you're thinking 'How did she check her blood pressure?' We've had our monitor checked against the hospital ones a couple of times, and it was perfectly accurate both times.

Anyway, before I had the machine turned off, the phone rang and it was the prenatal clinic calling with my next ultrasound date (Wednesday morning, to see if baby G has turned around yet) so since she was on the phone, I mentioned the BP to the nurse. She checked my file, and asked me to go in to be monitored for a bit, so that's where I spent the afternoon. Of course, my BP went down nicely as I waited at the hospital, so the doctor took back her initial suggestion for me to stay overnight (phew!) The doctor also said that I should be done work and wrote me a nice note to that effect.

The only problem is that my replacement teacher for work is coming tonight for three days, when we were going to meet the students and I was to show her the ropes, etc., so I'm not sure exactly how things will pan out with all of the details. I'm waiting for my supervisor to call me back and I guess we'll sort things out. I just keep thinking of all of the little loose ends which I wanted to tie up! And my service plans (they outline all of the year's goals with the students, kind of like a report card specific to what I've been working on with them) were going to be done next week. Maybe I can do those from home? That doesn't seem like too much of a blood pressure-raising activity, does it? Or would that be being a bad patient?

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