garden party

These are the tiniest daffodils ever (a little less than an inch across), and I adore them. We have two stems and a total of 5 cute daffy faces.
The japanese cherry tree is getting ready to bloom! It's kind of like magnolias - the only trouble is that the blooms last for such a short period of time.
The tulips are still in full swing. This was taken just as they were finishing closing up for the night.
One of the stripey tulips with one petal yet to be tucked in.
Lily of the Valley are everywhere and lovely!
Yipeeeee! Peony buds!
And I just noticed this evening that the very edge of the yellow tulips is red, of all things.
And the bleeding hearts are bleeding away.

No baby G has arrived yet, but there's enough activity in the garden to fill a post! Along with taking pictures in the yard this evening, we also planted some veggies this morning at The Shire (pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers) so hopefully those will grow nicely. And I took a nice nap on the hammock this afternoon while Adam worked away in the yard. My feet were pleasantly de-puffed afterward! I'm excited to drain out after baby arrives.

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