My excitement of the summer culminated last evening in the erection of a new clothesline in our back yard! (I think I might change my tune after baby G arrives, but my point is that I'm excited!) I know some people aren't quite as excited about laundry as I am, but please humour me. I love laundry. I love that you put it in dirty and it comes out clean. I love it that you can feel productive when the washer is going, but you're not really doing any work. And my favourite thing of all is hanging clothes out and bringing them in, sunny and dry and smelling like everything wonderful in the world. So, you can imagine my dismay when we cut down our big rotten tree and lost our clothesline in the process. We tried a bit to figure out what to do (while I in the meantime hung clothes out on a tipsy drying rack), and decided eventually that the easiest and best thing would be to ask our neighbour if she minded if we attached a new and improved clothesline (at least double the length) to the back of one of her trees. She was outside yesterday, and it turns out that the tree belongs to us anyway! The previous owners built a fence (which is covered in hedge) a little bit within our property line, so they would still have access. The giant tree (which I'm now proud to call my own) is on the other side of the fence and hedge, but on our property! So after spending the best $39.00 of the year for new clothesline and accessories and a bit of getting ourselves organized last night, we (mostly Adam) put up the school-bus coloured clothesline last night. I think it needs a name. It's barely 7:00am... I was up just after 6 and couldn't get back to sleep because I'm so excited to hang things out and for a sunny day with no commitments! I'll post this after I've hung things out on this beautiful sunny morning and have a picture or two to share.

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