37 weeks

Here's baby and me at 37 weeks! Adam took the second one just before I had a lovely nap this afternoon (I do look a little sleepy, don't I?). Baby G is approximately 6.5 pounds now (wow, that's weird to imagine!) and s/he is shedding and ingesting the lanugo (fuzzy hair-like stuff) and vernix (creamy protective stuff) which has been all over him / her for the past while. 'Breathing' in the amniotic fluid and digesting this stuff - it's all pretty wild.

I've been relaxing lots, like a good mama, and puttering away at my student's end of year reports, which I'm hoping to have finished by the middle of next week. I'm also hoping that baby G doesn't arrive before then! Not too much else is new, except that the tulips are all open and beautiful in the yard, despite the week of rain, drizzle, clouds, and fog. It's calling for sunny with cloudy periods on Wednesday, though - there's hope!

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