clinic appointment number 1000

OK, not 1000, but close. It's like a second home in there. I had the regular check up this afternoon, along with the Group B Strep test (yipee!) I'm guessing I'll get the results of that next week at my appointment. If I test positive, I'll have to have antibiotics during labour, so the baby doesn't catch it on the way out (what a funny way to put it!) The doctor I saw today is convinced that baby G is in fact upside down, and I hope he's right. I have an ultrasound scheduled first thing tomorrow morning, so we'll see where baby G is then. The doctor also said that breech babies make some of the nicest deliveries because they just kind of slide right out, although C sections are usually scheduled here. On the whole, a good appointment. My blood pressure was much better than yesterday (125/81, I think it was) and I've only gained 1/2 pound since last week. What a good baby!

I met with my replacement person this morning and got her set with the details of taking over. I'm sure she's overwhelmed, but I'm also sure that she'll do fine. Now that that's done, I feel a whole lot better. My only work left is to type up my end of year reports from home slowly over the next couple of weeks (I have them all 'done', they just need to be put together, so it's not stressful work) and mail them out. With lots of rest and relaxation in between! Just waiting for this little one!

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