wool puddle pad and a delicious pasta recipe

I just noticed something funny. When I was a kid, the blanket above was on my bed, and I loved it. Particularly the colour. Now look at our house...
And the placemat in the background...
I uploaded the pics and then noticed the green theme.

Wool puddle pad: Since Phillip has been getting through the vast majority of nights dry, I wanted to change his mattress protectors to a less intense assortment. When I took them off, I had three. And they were made of some sketchy materials. I wanted some kind of protection in case of an accident, so I was thinking about buying a wool puddle pad. And then clued in that I could easily make one with a wool blanket. I headed to three Frenchy's with no luck, and then remembered the one from my childhood bed. I dug it out of a closet at my parents' place, literally cut it in two, and now it is two puddle pads for his bed. Easy peasy.

Our house: Isn't it cute? Particularly the matching pink flowers. That's all.

Pasta: This is one of the most delicious pasta dishes I've ever had, and one of the easiest. You probably have most of the ingredients on hand, and it only takes a minute to put together. Definitely worth trying tonight!


  1. Anonymous7/16/2010

    I'd never heard of wool puddle pads before; trust you to think of whipping one up yourself! :)

    Any excuse to use prosciutto is a good dish in my book. LOL!

  2. I had this same blanket, blue color on my bed when I was young! Recognized the ram on the label. Must have been a popular brand.

  3. There's definitely some interesting psychology there. Funny comparison! Oh and the pasta looks delicious (love Martha Stewart)!


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