soaps available Monday!

I will be delivering a pretty pile of soaps to Yarmouth Natural on Monday morning, so if you're local, you'll be able to get your fix! There will be plenty of Fragrance-Free bars, which have been extremely popular lately, especially with moms of little ones having skin troubles. I'll also be taking some of my new Lavender bars, coloured with alkanet root powder, and the ever-popular Peppermint Poppyseed. There will also be French Clay olive oil bars, pictured above. Like the Fragrance-Free bar, these are also unscented, and make a perfect shaving bar with a dense lather that creates a nice barrier between the razor blade and skin. They're also extremely mild - the only ingredients are saponified olive oil, french green clay, and sodium hydroxide.

So stop in at Yarmouth Natural on Monday and pick up a treat for yourself!

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