There's a herd of cows not far from my parents' house that has the most gorgeous view imaginable. I kept meaning to take a camera with me when we're heading out there so I could have a few pictures to share, and also kept forgetting. Until yesterday, when I remembered, but only had a macro lens. So I'll have to remember to take a different one next time. I do like how the picture turned out, though.

I've been trying to read a bit more lately, instead of getting swept up (har har!) in chores in the evenings. I'm well into The 100-Mile Diet, which is a good, quick, informative read. It kind of feels as though I've read it already, since I've read No Impact Man, Animal Vegetable, Miracle, The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and probably a bunch of other books along the same lines. What can I say? Food is so very, very important, and I just can't read enough about it.

I'm also reading She's Come Undone - a really heavy, dark read with a main character so compelling that I can't help but keep on, and so well written that I don't even notice that I'm reading. I love it when that happens.

Also piled up are a couple of Adria Vasal's books - Ecoholic (I think this is the third time I've borrowed it from the library) and the new-ish Ecoholic Home, which is also great. What I really, really appreciate about these books is that they're Canadian. If I remember correctly, I saw her on the now-defunct Gill Deacon Show right around the time that Phillip was born. She's quite stunning. And Ecoholic Body is going to be coming out next. You can participate by doing a survey of natural products you've tried. Yay!

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