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Yesterday afternoon, Adam and I went to meet Sarah Jones, of Jones Gallery. Adam has been a great admirer of her work, which depicts Saint John cityscapes in beautiful, very textured paintings and mixed media pieces. She also happens to be a lovely person, and her space is fantastic. I thoroughly appreciate her well thought out and designed signage, clean gallery / working space, and those gorgeous doors.

Sorry - you can't buy those three paintings hanging vertically next to Sarah; we bought them. I think we'll be buying more in the future, too. The giant one on the left in the photo below wants to live at our house, but we didn't quite have that much money hanging around yesterday. Maybe when we win the lottery.
Definitely check out the Jones Gallery site, and if you're in Saint John, pop by 122 Germain Street. Sarah's also on Twitter. Thanks for the lovely visit, Sarah, and for humouring my picture-taking.

Incidentally, these photos were taken on Adam's iPhone. Handy thing, that.

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  1. Hey, you're planning on winning the lottery too? Weird ... and here I thought I was the only one. (ha ha)

    I love those paintings in the 4th photo - wow! They are exquisite - stunning. You made some great purchases, even if they weren't the 'lottery winning' ones. =)


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