farmers' market

Yee-haw! Our Farmers' Market now has a Facebook page! I'm hoping that it will get more and more people out on Saturday mornings. Contagious like the plague - that's my wish.
The peas above were some wee ones from our garden last year; we bought two perfect bags at the market on Saturday and they were gone by 1:00. Almost entirely my doing. Absolutely delicious. We also had a fabulous chicken, which I cooked as per Jamie Oliver's chicken in milk recipe.
Holy yum! And we're working away on some delicious bread, too. Yum!

If you're local, I'll see you there on Saturday - in front of Canadian Tire at 120 Starrs Road here in Yarmouth, officially open from 9am-1pm.


  1. We go to the Yarmouth Market to buy our whole chickens. We buy half a dozen at a time and put them in the freezer. It's the only poultry I eat. Other than that, seafood only.

  2. Mmmm farmer's markets. We just stopped at a roadside stand yesterday and got some peas. We also polished off a whole bag, but Ethan's the one who ate most of them. :)


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