Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company

If you're in Carleton County, New Brunswick, you definitely know about the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company. If you're in the rest of NB, you've probably seen some of their chips at the grocery store. If you're in Nova Scotia, like me, or anywhere else, you (gasp!) may have never enjoyed these chips. Or should I say, heavenly-morsels-of-absolutely-perfect-potato-chippiness. If we buy chips, which doesn't happen too often, we usually buy Kettle Chips, which are delicious, too. But Covered Bridge chips are a teeny bit thinner and lighter, but still significantly thicker than the cheapy ones. Which in my book, makes them perfect.
While we were in Carleton County, visiting some of Adam's family, we happened to be driving by the factory, where they have free tours. I have a thing for factories and finding out how things are made, so I was thrilled when we stopped. Unfortunately, there were no chips being made that day, but we still got to see where the magic happens. Very cool.
The bags! All rolled up on... roller things!
And some of the other equipment. I'm envisioning crispy, hot, greasy chips jostling happily along that chute. Mmmmmm.
They also have a little store with a huge selection of seasonings to choose from, and some locally made goodies completely unrelated to chips.

So. We're home again, and the lawn is mowed, and I have some new flowers planted. The veggies are coming along nicely, and we're looking forward to a nice sunny weekend.

Hope you're having a lovely week!

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