before and after

One of the projects that "we" (we hired someone to do the awful wallpaper scraping and painting while we were in NB) tackled lately was the stairway. The before pictures don't really capture how dingy and hideous it was before, and the after pictures don't capture how much brighter and lovelier it is. And I haven't finished everything yet (i.e. runner and hanging things on the stair walls) but you get the idea. I picked up that poppy painting for half price the other day, and looove it. Adam says "Klimt!" every time he goes by, since it reminds him of Gustav Klimt's paintings. Above is an after shot - notice the bare stairs?

The awful stripes before:

And the ugly runner.And after! (That's Thomas' downstairs diaper changing station in the corner.)


  1. Looks amazing!!! I think it definitely looks a lot brighter!

  2. Looks very nice Sherrie. I love the woodwork. I agree with Alli, it looks much brighter. I just love making changes in our home such as painting a room or just rearranging the furniture and put new artwork on the walls.


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