I was outside in my bathrobe weeding the veg beds with Phillip at 8:15 this morning. Who have I become? I can still say that I don't wear pyjamas outside of my yard, though.

You wouldn't guess from reading most of my posts, but I have the most thoughtful, insightful, well-put posts in my head as I'm doing the daily tasks that demand my attention. Tonight, for example, I was carrying the 40-pounder like a monkey after he closed the door on his fingers, while I had my pinkie finger in the mouth of the 16-pounder who hasn't quite (but is soooooo close!) found his thumb yet and is not a fan of the pacifier. I thought of something clever and moving, and, of course, now it is long gone.

I do have most of a great post about diapering written, though, and once I snap an appropriately adorable picture to accompany it, I'll share with you. In the meantime, enjoy a bit more of the sunset from the other night. Magic.

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