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I still can't help buying soap from Olivier when I'm in NB. Adam thought that Thomas should do a little Vanna shot for you. Yes, he's sleeping. It's bath time - his favourite part of the day!
The new Nature Clean dishwasher detergent (the 'new and improved formula') is terrible. The old formula was fine, so when I saw this on sale, I bought two. I'm returning the second one, it's so bad. It just doesn't get things clean, leaves glasses cloudy, and I am just not a fan. Thought you might like to know.

I just ordered a new crib mattress for Thomas. The old one is a conventional sketchy one, and is is cracking. Which, frankly, scares me, since he spends so much time sleeping there. The one that is on its way isn't the most natural or the best of the best, but it's better than a cheapie one, and it's on sale this week. It has no phthalates or PVC, and has a removable waterproof cotton cover. It's made in Canada (of domestic and imported bits and pieces) and will make me feel much better. I'm excited.

I think we're done having kids, but in case you're not, they now have ovulation test kits with the pregnancy ones at Dollarama. Good luck!

Smartfood popcorn clusters are gross. Really gross - they were a sample that we got, and they are disgusting. Phillip won't even eat them.

PC Modena glaze is good. Really good. On vanilla ice cream, it's amazing. Mmmm.

Thomas is drooling up a storm over the past week or so. I hope there aren't teeth on the way already - I'm not looking forward to bites during feeding! And I am loving the Applecheeks diaper covers - they're lovely.

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  1. We had the same experience with that dishwasher detergent. It left everything slightly slimy, and our dishwasher developed a smell that we referred to as "the entity".


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