s'mores and sweet boys

My in-law family is convinced that they've come up with the ultimate s'more technique. I'm inclined to agree. You smoosh a small piece of high-quality dark chocolate into the middle of a marshmallow, and make your little sandwich. (Making my own graham crackers is on my list of things to do this summer, but it hasn't happened yet.) Then, you need one of those toasty campfire rack things (I think they're usually used for toast, or fish or something) and carefully toast your s'mores evenly. This way, the graham cracker gets toasted, too, which makes them perfect. Absolutely perfect.
When we were at the cottage, we had some company! Alasdair and his mama came to visit for a bit, and we had a grand time. A and P checked each other out for awhile, and we read some books. But the highlight for the boys were the cars.

How cute, no?

I'm feeling a little bit sad that I think I've finally reached the end of the vacation pictures. It was such a lovely time, so very relaxing and fun, that I don't want it to be over. Now we just have to start looking forward to next year!

And I'm off to make a chicken pot pie for supper...

Edited to add: Adam took the pictures of the boys.


  1. mmmmm..... but how do they feel about you sharing their secret with the world?

  2. I've never had a smore...but can't wait to try them with my boy.... thanks for the tips - and am off to check out the graham cracker recipe and the pot pie too!!

  3. Cute, yes! That Adam, he's a wonder with the camera.

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  5. Well, those s'mores look tastier then ours. Something about the gooeyness of the chocolate. Need to pick up one of those little bbq things and give them a try. Yumminess (:

  6. Sherrie - I'm finally putting pics from this visit up on my site. Please take a look and let me know if you they're okay!


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