not quite the last of the vacation pics

I was on vacation, with doting grandparents wanting to look after our boy - what did I have to do other than take pictures? These lovely purple flowers were in the ditch by the cottage we stayed in. I have no idea what they are, but aren't they pretty?
We stayed for one night at Chipman Hill Suites in Saint John. I highly, highly recommend staying there if you're in Saint John. The suites are in heritage buildings which have been renovated into suites. It's very affordable, extremely clean (I couldn't find a speck of dust), and it really was a pleasure to stay there. Our room was lovely:
and very comfortable. They have several buildings, and the one we were in is very close to the City Market. We were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go, which included breakfast at Cora's. YUM. I thought of you, JW!

Today will be fun - my parents will be watching P, and since the weather isn't suitable for painting but won't be pouring, Adam and I have a date to clean the shed! Yeee-haw! (Seriously, I'm excited.)


  1. I almost feel like I'm on vacation too! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics & stories, Sherrie :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Gorgeous photos!! I have noted the suites for our next trip! :)

    I am not sure what the purple flowers are but we have them growing all over the side of our driveway and the little cracks in the side of our house (not serious cracks just some peeling)...I love them!


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